Many people have written books about going heaven. When they first came out many Christians laughed at them. They didn’t believe that anybody but a dead person could go to heaven. I didn’t believe it either at first. Then I began to see things differently. It always so fantastic it was hard to believe. If read a scripture that said, we are seated together with Him (Jesus) in heavenly places. I turned to God and said if this is true, then show me. Guess what, God did. I smelled heaven first. If you can remember what it smells like after a rain. That fresh smell of the earth where the air is clean. Then I heard children laughing and playing. Then I saw the rolling hills. They were green and full of trees. There were birds and animals everywhere. I looked down. I was standing on a golden road. I looked up there standing before me was my guardian angel. He said to me, come with me. Next thing I remember was standing before these big doors of the heavenly city. Then I was sitting on the top of the wall looking down into the throne room. Jesus looked up at me and smiled. Then the saints before the throne began to sing. I began to shake. They were singing the song of the redeemed. It is so sweet and so powerful. I shook as long as they sung. My Father was sitting on the throne. I couldn’t see His face. He was surrounded by a cloud and a rainbow. I ask Jesus why I couldn’t see Him. Jesus said no man has seen the face of God and lived. People have asked me how to see heaven. It is very simple. You have to live in the presence of God. The closer you to get to God the easier it is to go to heaven and back. Where do you start? You start by praying consistently. God said if you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you.




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