Values 1.0

In the 1960’s, values about American life were questioned. It seemed that everything was turned upside down. Nobody knew to what extent all of this was going to go. I think most people just followed along to be cool. I don’t think too many people saw what would happen. Rebellion is always a part of growing up. To a certain extent, you rebel against your parents to become an adult. I thought my parents were idiots until I grew up. The 60’s turned into chaos. So much was happening in civil, political and social life of American. The war in Vietnam wasn’t a just war. It was about gaining political advantage over the Russians. The Vietnamese people were just pawns. Their country was being destroyed. No one seemed to care except the Vietnamese people. All of this turned the American people against the government. It wasn’t until 10 years after the war did an American president begin the healing of America. Values had gone out the door. Who wanted to do what was right with all the corruption in the government and the world. One of the most hideous acts of villainy that our government performed was the justifying of the killing of unborn babies. This was the Roe vs. Wade decision of the US Supreme Court. Who needed values when life was deemed not worth anything?  People went along with the government because they wanted freedom to do anything they wanted. It is called a lack of values. Have you ever heard the term A-Moral? Most everybody has. It is a term applied to series killers or terrorist. They have no moral code to live by. So, they can do anything they want. To Be Continued……………

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