Can you ever go home again?

Everything changes every day. Nothing ever remains the same. You can remember what you think are better days. Sometimes they really are, but for the most part it is just lack of conflict. It is unfortunate that we grow physically and spiritually through conflict. It is all about how we learn to deal with our changing life. As a child, the conflict is mostly borne by our parents. They try to teach us how to deal with life, but not always. The first time that your parents see that you have grown up, is when you understand and bear the weight of our own life. It is a real epiphany for each of us. it doesn’t mean that we like it or not. It is just a part of life. Now flash forward 40 years and start to change your life. You would think that the heavens had crashed down on you. But sometimes it is necessary for you and your family. it doesn’t mean that it will be any easier, even if they understand. As you get older, your lifestyle becomes more sedentary. And movement become more difficult. Losing weight is almost a herculean task. But God says that a person who is 70 years old is just a child. People use to live for 100’s of years. Now if they can reach 60 years old, they are doing good. It all depends on the lifestyle of the person. But it is true that the older you get, the more you long for your home as a child. They is a real reason for that. The home that we are longing for isn’t on this earth. The place of no conflict isn’t your parent’s house. It is God’s house in heaven. And the answer to the question is yes. You can go home to heaven to be with our Father.


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