Bearing Witness

Throughout our lifetime, we see and bear witness to many things. There are many things I wish I didn’t see and want to forget. Most of the time it is what I have done or said. Our mind stores everything that comes before us. All this information is what shapes and molds our lives for good or bad. This is why our parents tried to protect us from the world as long as they could. They set a standard for us to live by. Hoping that we would live a good life. As you well know, forbidden fruit seems to be the most desirable. But like anything forbidden, there are consequences to our actions. So, we bear witness to our mistakes, which seem to last a lifetime. As my life went on, my mistakes and consequences began to mount up. Until they became so unbearable, I thought, and rightly so, they would crush me even unto death. I needed and wanted to find an answer somewhere. I found a man who was bearing witness to how his life change from an alcoholic to a normal healthy life. I couldn’t believe at first. But I kept on listening as he explained to me how he changed and who helped him. It took almost three months before I was even ready to change. This man’s testimony was no different from the Apostle John’s. When in 1 John, he explained how his life changed. And he was bearing witness to that change that was brought by the same person that changed my life and my friend’s. And I am bearing witness to that the change in my life. If you don’t know the name of that change, it is Jesus.

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