The Need

There are countless video of babies and baby animals on social media. Everyone loves those videos because they are babies and have a need. Babies can’t take care of themselves. They need someone to feed, clean and teach them. It is a natural attraction for us. Some would say it is the cycle of life. It is dear to our hearts. Babies have a need. And our heart cry out to fulfill that need. It isn’t an accident. That need in our life was put there on purpose. The need is called compassion. Whether we are adults or children our need for compassion is always there. We want it all of our lives. It doesn’t stop when we grow into adults. It just is more apparent when we deal with babies. Most people believe that is because of what we see with our eyes. But that isn’t the truth. It is because of what we see with our heart. Needs are intangible. You can’t touch or feel it. But it reaches out to our hearts and we feel it strongly. It moves us to do something about that need. Compassion is what the world needs today. Everybody is fussing about this, that or the other. No one is listen to each other. Fear is stopping people from reaching out. Other people are not so different from us. Their heart is the same as ours. God looked on man and had compassion, because He saw the need in our lives. Look at people with your heart and you will see a different person. You might even see yourself. God says, Do unto other as you would have others to do to you.


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