When Things are Hard

Have you ever been caught between the rock and the hard place? I can remember my dad saying you have to be hard to endure things. If you are going to play football with your brothers, you will have to be tougher than you are. I never did enjoy getting run over by football players. I finally decided not to play football, instead I played tennis and ran track. Both sports require building your endurance. But not suffering cuts and bruises. It’s funny, I have a high tolerance for pain. I just didn’t like getting hit. All my brothers and cousins played football. My sport was tennis and track. I was a very fast runner. My best time ever was about 11 seconds for the 100-yard dash. Unfortunately, it was practice, and I never could repeat it. But that was when I was young and in shape. There was something about running fast that released a joy in me. So, I ran. In each stage of my life, I had to learn to cope with growing up. There are hardships attached to each time in your life. If there is no adversity in your life, you will not grow to your full potential. It doesn’t mean you have to like it, but you need to work through it. As you do, the things of life will begin to open, and you will grow. I’ll continue the story tomorrow.




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