Thank You for Your Service

My wife and I went to a movie. We were both off and had time to spend together. It is a movie about young men in the army, who suffer from PTSD. That is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It was called many things before, like battle fatigue or shell shocked. We have been involved with the US military, through my service and my three sons. So, our prospective is first hand in many cases. Our young men went off to war and came back different. The average age of a soldier is 20 years old. Many grow up in a hurry. Some just can’t handle the pressure of war. I have a friend, who was a marine in Vietnam. He lives in my home town, but he never came back from the war. Back to the movie, it is about a squad of soldiers, who all came back wounded. Some had physical wounds, others had mental wounds. One soldier killed himself. Three others got help after they stumbled over life at home. It was based on a true story. What the story was saying, is that we as mankind aren’t invincible. We all suffer the same hardships and tragedies. Whether or not we come out of these tragedies is up to us. If we are willing to accept help to overcome our problems. At the end of the movie, they showed the real soldiers and how they are doing now. My wife and I cried at the end of the movie, because it is real to us. We have walked through this already. We knew when our sons went off to war, only God could keep them and return them safe to us. Place your trust and belief in the one person who can make a difference, God Himself.


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