The Fear of

There aren’t a lot of things in this world that are hard to handle except fear. My oldest son and our family went to a 4th of July firework display, when he was about 4 years old. My wife was holding him, it was nighttime, and the sky was dark. When the first aerial firework exploded, he became afraid. He turned and held my wife close. I saw the fear and talked to him. I asked him who made the night. He said God made it. Then I asked him, would God make anything that would hurt us. He said no. The fear left him as fast as it came and he watched the firework display. If only we could get rid of fear that fast all the time. Fear is insidious. It creeps in silently and most times unaware. But once it takes hold, it binds us into slavery. There are so many examples of fear in this world, I don’t know where to start. One is road rage, another is violent protest. Fear will make you do things that you wouldn’t normally do. God said He came to set us free from fear. He did this so that we can actually choose to serve God. Our life is strewn with potholes. Some are big and some small, but if we fall into those traps, we may never come out of it alive. The only way to get rid of the fear is to face it head on. It requires a lot of courage and God’s help to be free. It is an achievable goal. God says that we are held in slavery by the fear of death. But He also says, for whom the Son set free, is free indeed. Choose life and be set free from the fear of.


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