Years ago, I was working for a Christian Radio station. I went to a grocery store and there was a people from the local TV station interviewing people. Our wonderful Congress had done something questionable and the people were at an all-time low. They pointed the mike and camera at me and asked if I still believed in America. I said, Patriotism doesn’t die just because our government does the wrong thing. This is our home. If we lost it, where would we go? Believing isn’t affected by circumstances. We believe and trust in the people of this country. It is the only way to stay strong. Governments come and go. If we lose faith in ourselves, our country will fall. Even our money is based on faith of the people. We may be attacked, but history has shown that America comes together and is strong as ever. Today is Veteran’s Day. A day set aside to honor the men and women who served our country. My military family history dates back to the militia in the 1600’s. Young men and women who left their homes to defend a way of life. Some never came back. When the men and boys lined up at Concord, they were carrying squirrel rifles. Today, I am proud of my sons, who served in the military. So, show your patriotism and put up a flag in honor of the service given freely to our country.


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