The Love of God sees Clearly

Jesus turned to Peter and asked him, “do you love Me?” Peter answered I love you like a brother. Then Jesus asked him again, do you love me? Again, Peter said, I love you like a brother. For the third time, Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him. Peter was hurt that Jesus would ask him three times. But Peter knew what Jesus wanted. And Peter said to Jesus, I love you as God loves you. Jesus feed my sheep. Jesus was showing Peter that you needed the love of God to work with people. Only then can you see the people as they really are. The love of God shows you the wounds, the hurts, the betrayals, and all the pain people suffer. It is necessary to begin to work with people. I have walked up to people and asked them a question about their past. Something specific. They ask how did I know that. I would tell them God told me. And this would begin a discussion about God. Loving people isn’t temporary. It isn’t love, cut and run. That is nothing and it will drain your life away. The love of God is permanent. It never goes away. God love man, even if he chooses to go to hell. God will love you no matter what you do. This earth is temporary. It will disappear in the end. There is nothing permanent on this earth, except us. but we are walking through. Jesus said, greater things shall you do because I go to my Father. The love of God will change everything you do on this earth for the better. Love like God does to make this a better world.


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