How Tenuis Life Is

My wife and I were at my brother’s house this weekend watching football. He and his wife live in an area of the city that is known for drive by shootings. They bought this old house in an area that wasn’t bad at first. But has become terrible lately. They have two big mixed breed German Sheppard dogs. If the dogs got upset with you they could do some damage. I was going out to the car to get something. As I opened the door, I walked out first then came the dogs. My brother followed and looked at me and said, you let the dogs go first, always. He was genuinely concerned for me. I saw the fear in his eyes for me. My wife and I live about 20 miles away in a small community. It is relatively safe to live there. I don’t know if I could live in an area where I had to be concerned for my life all the time. I have served in the military but not in combat. 3 of my 4 sons have fought in combat. My father fought in combat in WWII. I have had friends that didn’t come back from war. Life is tenuis at best. No one knows when, where or how we will die. My young friend walked over a mine, while the soldier behind him stood on top. My friend was 5 feet past the mine when it blew up and was killed. The soldier on top of mine was only scratched. God knows the exact time we will go home. God doesn’t guarantee tomorrow for us. All God gives us is now. Now is the time and today is the day of salvation. This is all of God’s promise. God wants us to see who we are and what we have in Him. So the time is now. What are you going to do with your time? What will you do with now?

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