Ordinary vs Extraordinary

Growing up we have dreams of great things. We want to succeed at everything we do. We want to be a hero to our family and friends. It is the desire of our heart. When we grow up, it seems to turn out differently. Even though we accomplish our goals, there seems to be a let down at the end. We don’t turn out to be heroes we saw as a child. Everyone’s life falls into the ordinary category. And extraordinary seems to happen once in a while. Our lives are based upon the ordinary. There are basic things that we do. Everyone grows up, works, marries and has children. However you live your life, the extraordinary comes in when you live your life for others. There are people, who are extraordinary having given their lives ordinarily. And you will never know their names. Extraordinary lives aren’t just the heroes on the battlefield or the fireman or policeman. They are the ordinary people who love so much, that they are willing to give their lives helping others. My mother, a special education teacher of the hard of hearing and hearing impaired, work with twins, who couldn’t speak in the 1st grade. She worked with them until they graduated from high school and went on to college. Committing your life is an Godly attribute. God puts into our hearts the love we need to live the life. And this is what is extraordinary.





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