Christmas Past

When I was a small boy, we lived in a 2 bedroom starter home. Dad bought this home brand new. It was the first house he ever bought. He had returned for WWII and married my mom. My dad owned a 1951 pink 2 door Studebaker Champion. When we were little, all 6 of us fit into the car. Back then you didn’t have to put car seats for children. As we got older, dad bought a 1954 4 door Dodge sedan. We traveled all over the country in that car. My older brother always got carsick. So we would stop for him to empty his stomach. There was a 55 gallon drum on the side of the our garage. I would take it out each evening and walk on it. I became so good that I could run that barrel all over the yard. We lived so far south in America, that I can only remember 1 winter that it snowed and stayed. In the winter of 1957, it snowed and stayed for 3 days. That year Hurricane Audrey came through and wiped out several cities near the Gulf of Mexico. Mom would make us go to all the family reunions. We would go kicking and screaming. But I tell a truth, I am glad my mother did that. I got to know my family on all sides. My great grand aunt carried me piggyback when she was 75 years old. She lived until she was 94 years old. I can trace my family for 500 years all the way back to France. They never thought they were doing anything extraordinary when they came to America. Their whole world changed and the whole world changed with them. Each person is unique and special to God. And as you go about your life, your world changes. And guess what the world changes because of you. You are important in God’s plan. This is why He came to this earth. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.



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