You’re Inspiration

What do you call a person that gives their lives to a cause? What do you think about this person? As you look around this world you find all kinds of people who have done this very thing. Some call them fanatics, zealots or just plain crazy. But there is something about them that is fascinating. Some are amazing at the amount of work that they have accomplished. Some have never been recognized as actually doing the work. Yet there are many people today that are willing to give their lives in causes. I have known many people just like this all through my life. They have inspired me into action. One person was Corrie Ten Boom. She was from the Netherlands. She was sent to the concentration camp because she hid Jewish people from the Germans. She survived a German concentration camp in WWII. Another person was T.L. Osborn. He went to the Far East and Africa after WWII. David Wilkerson, who started Teen Challenge in New York City in the 1950’s. Hubert Linsey, who was the very 1st Alfalfa in the Our Gang series. His preaching exploits are legendary. Bernard Johnson who went to Brazil when no one else would. At the time he went there were estimated 16 million abandon children on the streets in Brazil. He began to work with children. I didn’t know this man but Horatio Spafford , business man in the 19th century, helped rebuild Chicago after it burned down. Then went to Jerusalem and opened a medical clinic in the Arab section. And it is still open today. There are many people that you just hear about who have given their lives for the betterment of man. God has these people to do the work on this earth. If you ever meet them, stop and talk to them. Let their lives inspire you to work for the Lord.

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