Yesterday’s Tomorrow +1 =

The future is the past + the present. The present is nowhere without the future + the past. So what does all that mean in plain English. There is nothing new under the sun, what was shall be again. You remember the movie that talked about the circle of life. Life is a circle but not the way they mean it. You always want to be mindful of the things that happen in the past. Why, because they will happen again. The future, the present and the past are basically the same. Why would you say it is the same? It is because there is an element in there that never changes. And what are we talking about now? The basic element that never changes is man. Or rather I should say the corruption of man. From birth man is corrupt. People baulk at saying that babies are corrupt. Answer me this question. How do babies know how to lie, cheat and steal? Did their parents teach them to be dishonest? Did they learn it from their brothers and sisters? Did their aunts and uncles teach them to be dishonest? So where did it come from? Here is the answer that no one wants to hear. We as a member of the human race are born corrupt. Because we are born in sin. The sin of Adam and Eve has been and will always be transmitted to every new born baby. Thank God for His grace that doesn’t attribute sin to us personally until we reach the age of reason. When is the age of reason? When does a person begin to understand who they are and what they are about? For most people, it is about the same age. That is the age of puberty. When a young man reached that age in the Old Testament times, he was considered a man. He would have to start working either in his father’s business or someone else’s. For a young woman, her parents would start to look for a husband for her.  Then when an agreement was made between the two parties, the young women was betrothed. Just like Mary and Joseph, Jesus’ parents. Life seems so complicated. But it really isn’t. God made it simple for man.

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