Your young men shall see visions:

Into each person’s life there comes an adventure. This adventure will take you somewhere you have never been and will possibly never see again. It is an exciting journey that may even scare you. But it is something that we each go on. Some people’s adventure may lead them to foreign lands, while most of us just stay home. But the world is open before us. Where we go or what we do still depends on you. On our journey starts in our home. We get glimpses of what lies ahead by the stories our parents tell us. We see marvelous things that are possible. This is why children want to be so many things. Each one is as real as the other. We are never really sure when the adventure starts. But when it does, it like a roller coaster. It is exciting, scary and very pleasing. I was young and now I am old and my adventure is almost at an end. It has taken me to faraway places. But I always came home. I never wanted to journey away from home too long. Because I would get homesick. My adventure started the day I figured out I could do something worthwhile. I began working to that end and have never stopped. My parents and grandparents are gone. My younger brother is gone also. I have seen changes in this world that I don’t like. I have helped make changes for the good. And I wouldn’t stop until it is my turn to go home. You see my adventure is my life. All the things for good or bad I have done make up my journey. That is why old men dream dreams of their adventure. And young men see visions of theirs.


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