What is Given, Is required:

Everybody likes to receive things. When people give to you, it makes you happy. As a kid, I had my list for my birthday and Christmas. I wanted to receive everything. As I grew, I still got excited about receiving gifts. Everyone likes to receive gifts. When I accepted into my heart the Lord Jesus, I saw the many gifts that God had for us. The gifts were free for the asking. I could receive almost any gifts that I wanted. God’s gifts are so varied, like hospitality or giving. Of course, there is faith and healing. These gifts are exciting because they involve the power of God. As a new Christian, I didn’t have much understanding. At first, I was angry at the devil for trying to destroy my life. I found out that at the name of Jesus, I could command the devils. So, I began seek and destroy missions. I would root out devils wherever I found them. God made short work of that. He stopped me and said I was still following the devil. He said come follow Me. God told me to exercise my gifts. He wanted me to use them to learn how. As I progress in there use, I noticed that they were for other people. Every gift that God gave, was to be used in the building of the kingdom. I became proficient in many gifts, put mostly pray. People would seek me out for prayer. I saw God perform miracles in front of me. People were healed, delivered and received salvation when I prayed. You see, every gift that God gave to me was for everyone else. God uses us to build the kingdom of Heaven. Every Gift that is given, is required in the kingdom of God.



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