The Human Cost

As human being, we are bound together as a family. We are made from the same material, the dust of the earth. We come from the same grandparents. We have the same internal organs. The same blood flows through us. Our color may differ, but on the inside, we are the same color. We are individuals that are the same. But greatest of all, is that we are brothers and sisters in the same family. And our blood, or life, binds us closer than anything. We all have the same emotions and desires. So, what is it that separates us so much? Why is it that we don’t trust or believe our neighbor? What is the human cost? Many years ago, actually 1000s, the people of the earth came together as one man. In the most beautiful place on earth, the hanging gardens of Babylon. The king decided and the people went along, that they didn’t need God. They built a tower to shoot an arrow at God, to tell Him they didn’t need Him. God scrambled their languages and they left Babylon. Never since then has the people of earth been of one mind and one accord. Now, Jesus is returning to bring the people of earth into one mind and one accord to worship God. If you listen carefully, you will hear your name being called out of eternity. God is calling home everyone. He wants to bring the whole earth into one mind and one accord. And if you answer that call, you will become part of the kingdom of heaven. And you will become in one mind and accord with God.

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