What is a Soul worth?

We are always looking for value. Is it worth the effort we will put into it? We apply this to people also. A value is a benefit or gain to oneself. We as a people are goal oriented. We want a value for everything we do. Or we don’t see the reason to pursue the effort. Sometimes, it just doesn’t seem that it is worth any effort at all. Then tell me why we rescue animals in distress. Why does our heart go out to a baby? Why does our heart reach out to other people? Why is this so? What value or worth is a soul? God created this earth and set things into motion. He knew what man was going to do. Why would He take the effort to build and create this world for us? Because He knew that man would walk away. Can you explain that to me? It is the same reason, we reach out to those hurt and in distress. But the depth of God’s love is so far beyond our feeble skills. There isn’t one person who hasn’t been betrayed. Everyone knows the pain it causes. And yet God loved us. His love is everlasting. And He will forgive us and take us back. How many people, that have betrayed you, will you take back? So, tell me what is a soul worth? And God says to do is to ask Him and He will take you back.






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