No Big Secret

I have never made the reason I write this blog a secret. Life is difficult as it is so I have written to show how I make it through the day. I have always wanted it to be simple enough for anyone to understand. But enough knowledge to be informed about what is real and what isn’t. There are many obstacles or hurdles that we must jump each and every day. Some seem soon insurmountable. When my brother died, for almost a month, I felt lost. If I hadn’t been able to write about it I probably would have been lost for a lot longer. Sometimes you don’t think things effect you as much as they do. Since I have known the Lord, I have been optimistic about life. Each day to me is a new day. Whatever I screwed up yesterday, it is gone and will never return again. I have always tried to show a way through this life with God. But not as a co-pilot but with our Father. He is in charge of everything. There isn’t one thing that happens on this earth that God doesn’t know about or is doing something about. You wonder why things happen the way they do? The world was set in motion by God. He showed man how to live and be happy. But man’s choice was not to follow God. You can’t blame God for what you choose to do. Most times we are asking Him to get us out of the situation. And God is willing to help us through life if we ask Him. He doesn’t carry a big stick and hit us with it. He is a Father who loves us and wants all His children to come home to live with Him. Again it is no big secret what this blog is about. What will you choose to do with your life?

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