Needy Information

I want to talk about information that is needy for everyday life. There are many blogs that talk about all kinds of things for everyday life. I like to can fruits and make jellies. I found a blog about that. It is a fun blog but not life or death. My subject matter has always been life or death subjects. I have tried to make it as interesting as possible to keep people’s attention. I don’t want to become the boy who cried wolf so that no one will listen. But I have to speak the truth in love at all times. It is like a watchman on the wall of a city, if the he can’t trumpet a clear signal no one will know the truth. Then I become responsible for the blood of people who die because of it. Needy information is for the spiritual man. There are many connotations of that word spiritual. What I am talking about is your heart that is the image and likeness of God. We are eternal beings and will live forever. And it is up to you where you decide to live for the rest of your life. There are only two places that you can go to. They are heaven and hell. This isn’t the heaven and hell that man thinks of. It is the actual place that God designed. Heaven is the place where God resides. And hell is the place reserved for people who are separated from God and of course the devils. Heaven is a joyous place where we will live in peace and contentment. Hell is a place of torment and suffering. Each of these places are eternal. They will last forever. So we have to choose in this life where we are going in the next. Choose well because it will be forever. For the bible says narrow is the gate that leads to righteousness and few that find it.



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