Thoroughly Exhausted

This weekend, we put our second son in the hospital with heart problems. Our son is a strong healthy 34 year old. So, he had chest pains that went to his arms. He had heart problems two years ago, but we thought it had cleared up. Saturday, we went to the hospital. They put him in a room and began tests. He was hooked up to all kinds of monitors. They began with blood work and medicines to relieve the pain. My son doesn’t complain about pain. But when he does, it is serious. My wife stayed with him the whole time he was in the hospital. On Monday, they did a stress test and found an adnominally. So, the doctor had to do an angiogram on Tuesday. When they went into his heart, they found nothing. It is like the adnominally had disappeared. The doctor said himself, it was a miracle. Ok course, it was. He was released from the hospital that afternoon. He has to go back next Monday to see the doctor. The whole time, I was working, going to the hospital and going home each night. We found out that the room he was in was ICU. Last night, I slept through the night. I didn’t wake up at all. When I woke up, I felt like someone had beaten me. Every muscle acned. It was all caused by anxiety. Did you know that God says in His word, Do not Fear, over 260 times? I am thoroughly exhausted. But I shouldn’t be. Because fear is the opposite of faith. If your trust God with your life, then trust Him with your family.


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