What do you have?

Many people say that they have nothing. There is a story in the bible about Elisha. A widow came to him to ask of God. She said her husband, a faithful minister in their church had died. He left debt and the collectors wanted the money or their two sons to be sold into slavery. Elisha asked the woman, what do you have? She said all they had left was a quart of olive oil. Elisha said to go to all their neighbors and ask for pots and jars. He said as many as you can get. She and her sons did just that. Elisha said to go into your house and close the door. He said to pour out the oil into the pots and jars. The woman and her sons did. When the finished filling the last pot, the quart was empty. Then Elisha said go and sell the oil, pay the debt and live on the rest. God wasn’t concerned with what they did or didn‘t have. What God wanted was for them to believe and trust that He would provide. What God is concerned with is our faith. As it says in the bible, All things are possible to them that believe. The story is in 1 Kings 4:1-7. And the other bible reference is Mark 9:23. Faith is what moves God to action. You must believe that He is and is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Faith in God is the only answer for this lost and dying world. And all you have to do is to believe and ask Him for forgiveness.




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