Did You Do the Right thing?

Before a soldier goes into battle, he is trained to do whatever it takes to win the battle. Roman soldiers were trained for 5 years before they ever enter a battle. They were trained to defend 6 feet of ground with their lives. This is one reason why the Roman army was so effective. Most of us aren’t soldiers but we are trained to accomplish our goals. The training is to be able to accomplish our goals and to bolster our resolve. No matter what the objective is our training will kick in. And according to our training is how effective we are. Before any Roman citizen enter the army, they had to make a choice about entering into that level of commitment. To them it was an honor as a Roman citizen to serve in the military. This is why they conquered the known world. It is the same with us in any profession. We make decisions based on our knowledge and training in that particular field. We go into our chosen profession with gladness and open heart. We go into our arena with the hope that we don’t have to inflict damage on anyone. Or that the damage is minimal. Or that we will come out of the arena unscathed. Sometimes it is necessary and sometimes it is just collateral damage. But we always questioned did we do the right thing? We are moral beings. No one starts out to crush everyone else. And when it does happen there is always self-recrimination. I know I have pulled some bone head stunts. And I have hurt people I didn’t want to. One was a life changing stunt. I have only found one place where I can go to ask for help to change my mini disasters. That person is God Himself. He alone has the power to reverse my mistakes. And I know that He has done so for me. That is one of the reasons why I trust God with my life. And why I will continually serve Him with my whole heart. Praise be to God.




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