The Finality of Time

It is a word in our vocabulary that we use constantly. Most people don’t even pay attention to time. There is even a song by the Rolling Stones called “time is on my side”. There are clocks, sundials and also put a stick in the ground that will tell time. But what is it? Why do we have it? time is given by God to measure hours, days, months, years and seasons. Most people act like they have all the time in the world. Despite, the time that the world has, we on the other hand have a limited amount. The world also has a limited amount of time, but it is greater than ours. Since, the great biblical flood, man has only lived from 40 to 60 years. Even, with the advent of medicine, no one really lives passed 100 years. Before the flood, man lived up to 900 years. So, what affects time so much? The answer is simple. Sin is the major influence on time. Man is dead in sin, spiritually speaking. But, it will catch up to your physical body, sooner or later. The only place to relieve this problem is to go to God and ask for forgiveness. Then allow Jesus to come into your heart and renew you. Time was given by God and is control by Him. He will forgive you, if you just ask.


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