Going Back

Everyone remembers the past with fond memories. Things that happened when you were a child or even as an adult. You can see them as clear as if they just happened. But they are just memories. My wife and I went on a vacation. Our children are grown and we wanted to do something together. We get so little time together that we strengthen the bond between us again. As we drove to San Antonio, Texas, we kept remembering things we did with the kids and before we were married. I lived in San Antonio so many years ago. I won’t tell you how long ago. We walked on the River Walk near the Alamo. I just couldn’t believe how many young people were walking around. And how many babies they had. San Antonio as usual is hot. The weathermen predicted it would be over 100 degrees for the next few days. That means hot as hell. But the skies were clear and blue. I was very surprised how green the countryside was driving into San Antonio, Texas has had a drought for the past 5 years. But this year has been record rainfall. But there is a record amount of people visiting here. There has been so much development in town, I hardly recognized it. Since I lived here San Antonio has doubled in size. But I have always found that the people act like this is a small town. Everybody knows everybody. As long as I have visited San Antonio, I have enjoyed it. My wife and I will be here for the next few days. For this is the day the Lord has made and I will be glad and rejoice in it.  




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