When all hell breaks loose

What do you do when all hell breaks loose? Many people would say you respond in kind. But that isn’t what is necessary. Anger words stir up strife. Violence will be met with violence. Many of the disciples of Jesus found many places unwilling to hear what the gospel had to say. Some were stoned and some killed. But the answer to violence has always been the same. Today we heard about the violence in Baton Rouge. 3 policemen were killed. It mobilized the entire city police, sheriff’s department and the state police. Helicopter were called in and a man hunt began. And they will not quit until they have all the shooters in custody or dead. During the day I saw the mother of the first young black man that was killed speak of TV. She called for the end of violence. She said to protest the killings peacefully. She said many things that Martin Luther King said. Social change doesn’t come with violence. But peaceful demonstration does change what people think. I remember as a child seeing the horrible way the protesters in the peace marches were treated and knew there had to be a change. And change came. Jesus told His disciples to love people and speak the truth in love. He said this will change the hearts of people. And you have to have a change of heart before anything will change. And another lady said that we need to pray to ask God to change circumstances. This is the only place it come from. Pray fervently for peace.




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