Honor your Mother

Today is Mother’s Day. We go about and try to honor our Mother and Wives. The last thing Jesus did, on this earth before He died, was to see that His mother was taken care of. When God set up the family unit, He made sure that the wife was taken care of. Did you know that the wife, in the old testament, not only was in charge of the children, but owned the home. The husband was over all the family. His job was to provide and protect the family. Each wife was given dowry by her father. This was money given to his daughter to keep her secure. Because security is a major need in her life. As we go about given our mothers and wives, flowers, perfumes and every trinket we can think about. Think about how you can honor the women in your lives. Think about what they need and want. They want to be loved for who they are. They want to know that you care for them. And it isn’t one day with flowers. Honoring our mother’s is a lifelong journey. These women bore you into this world. They took care of us when we had needs. They gave their lives so we could go up as a whole person. what do you give to a woman that did this for us? Think about it. And know that every gift you bought for her, doesn’t even come close. Your love and gratitude shown every day comes close to honoring your mother or wife.




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