Paul’s Conversion

Saul of Tarsus was a deeply religious man. He believed in the God of Israel. Saul had devoted himself to God. He graduated from the school of Gamaliel. Saul went to Jerusalem with Gamaliel to become part of the religious leaders there. He was young and energetic. The leaders of the day sent him out to try and stop the teachings of Jesus and the followers of the Way (Jewish Believers). It was on one these trips that something happened to Saul. He was on his way to Damascus to capture and imprison any followers of the Way. Because Jesus was died so they thought, it would be easy to capture His followers. Saul was traveling with many people when a light shown from heaven. Everybody saw the light but only Saul heard the voice of God. God spoke to Saul and asked him if it was hard to fight against God Himself. Saul was blinded by the light. The people with him had to lead him all the way to Damascus. He was blind for 3 days. God spoke a one of the followers of the Way to go to Saul and speak to him. As the man spoke to Saul the scales fell from his eyes. As Saul could see with his eyes and his heart, he became the Apostle Paul. The Jewish Believers were still afraid of him because he had done much damage to the followers of the Way. The story is in the bible for a reason. That God can take anyone and turn them into a mighty person of faith. God can even take a jackass and make him a preacher. He did this for me. God isn’t stopped by anyone or anything anywhere. God said that love is the greatest thing on this earth. It is a truth. God is love. And anyone who ask can receive from God. This is how Paul was converted.

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