Few and Far Between

After the incident in the Old Testament, on Mount Tabor, Elijah ran for his life. He ran all the way across Israel to the Sinai. He ran to the mountain of God. He complained to God that he was the only one left in Israel that was faithful to God. God corrected him and told him that there were 7000 people who had not bowed to baal. God has always had a people. The unfortunate part of that was there were over ½ million people in Israel. You see God’s people are few and far between. Why is that? Why aren’t there more people wanting to follow God. When people get into trouble that they can’t get out of, they want God to help. But once it is over, it’s bye bye. Man wants to be god of his own life. Even if that life would kill him. And guess what, it will. God has a plan for everyone. It isn’t always the same plan except for Jesus. Our lives can be full and rich if we are willing to follow in the way. If you read church history, you’ll find that only a few people actually stepped out in faith and did what Jesus did. Those stories are well publicized. It is because people who have led simple lives are not as exciting as the big name ones. There are people all over that have lived for Jesus. There were just as many miracles in their lives as anyone. But you will never find them unless you are looking for them. I know of a maid that spoke French and went to Haiti and opened an orphanage. She lived there for 20 years into her 80’s and retired. You too can live a life that will glorify God. All it takes is faith and trust that God is who He says He is. God is a rewarder of them that diligently seeks Him. Be the few and far between not the many who’s lives end in tragedy.




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