Jackass or Prophet

Which is which? Balaam was a prophet of God in the Old Testament about the time that Moses came through the Middle East. Everyone knew who he was. Whenever someone needed help they would go to Balaam to ask God. He was a rich man, but God provided Balaam all of his needs. Moses and the children of Israel were passing Moab to reach the Promised Land. The king of Moab was Balak. He was afraid that Israel would turn and destroy them like Egypt. The funny thing was that Moab and Israel were brothers. The Moabites were the children of Esau. Balak offered Balaam riches to curse Israel to defeat them in battle. Balaam agreed and went. But when he spoke he blessed them instead of cursed. Balak was angry with Balaam, but he couldn’t do anything else. He spoke the word of God. Balak offered him more money to curse Israel. Balaam head was turned by money. He got on his jackass and went to curse them. On the way, the jackass saw the angel of God waited to kill Balaam. The jackass ran off the road and fell down. Then Balaam began to beat the jackass. Until the animal spoke to Balaam. He told him on the angel sent to kill him because God wouldn’t let him curse Israel. Balaam came to himself and turned around. What does this have to do with anything? I have known many Christians that have become jackasses. And many jackasses that have become Christians. The jackass became what God wanted him to be. And Balaam became a jackass, leaving his position with God and going to the world. I am speaking to brothers and sisters. Which are you? What have you become because the world is calling to you? Are you a jackass or Christian?




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