The Possibility of a Second Chance

A second chance, how much do people need that chance to restore their lives? I’ll tell you a truth, no one deserves it, that includes all peoples on this earth. But God is the God of the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. chance. God has given me multiple chances, even after I became one of his sons. Yes, I am one of God’s sons. There are millions of God’s children. His message is to love God above all else and to love your neighbor as yourself. This has been the message from the beginning. It seems to have gotten lost in translation. But God has always had a people who follow Him, here on earth as well as heaven. You see, to be a Christian is a journey from here to there. It isn’t a handshake, or one time confessing your sins. Christianity is a life style. It is a daily choice that you must make to get to heaven in the end. God talks about a runner who completes the race. This is the Christian that goes home. Going home is the goal of Christianity. And all you have to do is to turn to God and ask for forgiveness and follow Him home.


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