Where in the World are you? by Crain Blanchard.

I went to visit friends in California. It was a 4-hour plane ride. Then they live 100 miles north of Los Angeles, that was a 2-hour drive. Then add the 2-hour trip to the airport. It took me 8 hours to travel from my home to theirs. I have friends all over the world. Yet in minutes, I can talk to or see them. My journey has taken me many places. I have seen some wonderful sites and some horrible ones. Yet I always look for the good, in people and places. I always have a smile on my face. I know that sometimes people look at me and wonder how sane I am. People are always fixing their face with surgery. Because there are permanent wrinkles or sags in their face. It only takes 2 muscles in your face to smile. It takes all 42 muscles in your face to frown. My secret is a scripture in Proverbs. Pro.17:22 “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Smile at someone today. Make their day better. I’ll tell you a truth. It will make you feel better.

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