What do I say? by Crain Blanchard

All my life I have struggle to be understood. I would go to great lengths to explain my plan and purpose in life. Many have gotten angry and refused to listen. One, it wasn’t what they wanted to hear. Secondly, they didn’t understand. There have been a few people who knew what I was saying. I gravitated to those people first. Because they were like-minded. But I had to reach more people. I don’t like to talk incisively. I say what I need to say, then stop. It didn’t work well for the general populace. So, I would lengthen my sentence to get my thoughts across. I have always believed you say what you mean and you mean what you say. When I came to the Lord, my words became more valuable. So, I would use them sparingly. I took communication in college to learn to speak effectively. I have over the years, developed my craft of writing. I have so much to say and so little time left. I want to just scream it out. But I have to do everything decently and in order. God isn’t the author of confusion or guilt or fear or anything that will destroy us. God is the author of love, joy and peace.



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