Who can know God?

Who can know God? He is as vast as far as east is from the west. How can you get to know Him? Where do you begin? The Creator of our entire universe is so massive and all encompassing. Do you know why He created man and the earth? He didn’t need us to exist. God is all powerful and knowing. To even think that we are even significant in His life, is mind boggling. For academic sake, let’s say we can get to know Him. Then where do you even start? What is His name? who can even introduce us to God? Why would He want to know us? These are good questions that are answerable. He once told me, He didn’t need us. But He wanted us. God’s love for mankind know no boundary. God created the heavens and the earth as a home for us. then we can say we aren’t alone. And if we aren’t alone, then someone is watching over us. In the next few days, I will try to answer some of these questions. Hopefully, to your satisfaction.




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