The Call of the World.

I found that the world seemed more exciting than staying home. That is why I left home in the first place. The world seemed so bright and shiny. It looked so good, but I found out different. Once I was in the world, it became a bottomless pit. It would snare anyone out there, who didn’t know better. The bright and shiny wore off in a hurry. It wasn’t pretty. It became hard and hurtful. All I wanted was someone to love me. What I discovered later was I had that all along with my Father, God. The things of this world are bright and shiny, but it’s a trap. Without the protection that God provides, you wouldn’t make it. I live and work in this world. It isn’t perfect. But I am loved and protected. I am provided for both physically and spiritually. My needs are met in God. I have no need of what the world offers. My life is satisfying. I answered my Father’s call and came home a long time ago. So, if you hear your name called, answer your Father, God. Go Home! He misses you.
Crain Blanchard.

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