Praying and Giving in Private.

An interesting question, why would God want you to pray or give in private? The gospel is preached in public. God said that the world wouldn’t end until all the earth has heard the gospel. For so many years, the churches of America have sent out missionaries. There was a change in the wind in the 1980’s. Missionaries from the world began coming to America to preach the gospel. At first, I didn’t understand it. Now I know why, and it is a sad commentary for the American people. It is because the American people have lost their way and need to hear the gospel again. But to answer the question, why does God want us to pray and give in private? It is because pray is talking to God. Giving is in private is to glorify God, not ourselves. God says let everything be done decently and in order. God says anyone who makes a show out of praying or giving, already has their reward. Which is nothing. So, when you pray, enter into your prayer closet and talk to God. He said He will hear in secret and reward you openly. The same is true for giving.
Crain Blanchard.

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