Everyone likes to listen to music. I like a variety of music, jazz, not Dixieland, classical, Bach, Beethoven. But mostly of I like Christian, Southern gospel, hymns and Adult Contemporary. I never thought I would like Toby Mac or Lincoln Brewster. I was the music director for a Christian Radio station. I got to listen to all the music all day long. It was great. I chose music that push the boundaries at that station. They were conservative. But they said as long as they could hear the lyrics and it talked about Jesus. My big push was Amy Grant and her song Emmanuel. Today, it’s Citizen Way and their song Bulletproof. Do you know why music connects with everyone? It is because God made music. In the old testament, they were limited with the instruments they had. But David using a harp, discovered a musical progression, that is still used today. Music is an expression of who we are. If there is light in your heart, your music will worship God. If not, it is of the other side. Choose carefully. What you listen to because it will affect who you are.
Crain Blanchard.

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