There are many virtues that we can have. Many are outstanding qualities that we need as a human beings. Our parents tried hard to teach us many of these virtues, such as hard work, persistence and hospitality. Virtues that are important for a good life. We need to exercise these virtues, not only to perfect them, but to live peaceably with the people around us. You have seen people who do nothing but fuss and fight. No one wants to be around them at all. We would like everyone to be nice and hospitable all the time. There is a virtue that nobody wants, but everybody needs. It’s patience. If we could have this virtue already installed in us, it would be great. But the only way we can have patience is to learn it. We have to go through trials and tribulations to learn how to be patient with people and situations. Once we have learned how to be patient and have gone through the trial, we can have peace, sometimes. This is where God comes into play. To give us peace after we have overcome the trials. Even if we don’t ask for patience, we are going to learn it, one way or the other.
Crain Blanchard.

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