The Prodigal Son.

What about the Prodigal son? Well, this man had 2 sons. They lived on a farm. They were successful. The younger son didn’t like being a farmer. He wanted to live in the city and have a good time. He asked his father for his share of the farm. I’m sure the father didn’t want his son to leave. But he decided to give his younger son his share. The son took it and left. He began to spend his money on, as they say, wine, women and song. The only problem was that he ran out of money. And his so called friends left. Hard times came to that area and the son had nothing. He began working with a farmer feeding pigs. He eat what the pigs eat. Finally, the son realized what he had done. He thought about his father’s servants and how they had food and clothing. He said I will go and ask my father to forgive me. I will become one of his servants. As he approached the farm, his father saw him and ran to him. His father hugged and kissed him. The son asked for forgiveness. His father said, you were dead and now you are alive. His father forgave him and accepted him back in the house. We are all prodigal sons. There is none righteous, no not one. We have all sinned and fallen short of God. Do as the Prodigal son, ask for forgiveness and return home.
Crain Blanchard.

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