The Proof of Reasonable Service.

What is it that we owe God? Why do we even owe Him? Why can’t we just do what we want? Don’t we have freedom to live our lives like we want? I have asked all those questions and more. I searched for the answers for years. All I could see was my circumstances. But that isn’t the whole truth. I couldn’t see through the pain. I wanted to, but I never had the power to. It wasn’t until I was showed to way out. Then I began to see the truth of my life. All I had was the misery of this world. I wanted more and found that way out. God showed He could turn my life around, when I gave up my old life for His. And I did. I have never regretted giving up the old life. It doesn’t mean I am perfect. It means I am forgiven and have a power to help in times of need. God, our Father, wants us to return home and be with Him. All this is to get us there. So, what is our reasonable service? It is in the giving of our life to God. Then we live the life God has promised us. This is reasonable service. So, what is the proof? The proof is when God reached out to us with His love and touched our hearts. And we responded.
Crain Blanchard.

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