The Difference between Easy and Simple.

Generation X dominants the retail market today. The word of the day is convenience. It is instant gratification. There is so much technology, it is hard to keep up with it. someone is always inventing something new. The cell phones companies are trying to keep up with the market. They add this or that and charge extra for it. Information has increased a 1000-fold. And sorrow and grief have increased just as fast. Solomon said this over 3000 years ago. And it is still true today. More information doesn’t make for a better life. If it is, why are there companies to stop thieves from stealing our info. Technology has made our and the criminal’s lives easier. God designed simplicity for our lives. It doesn’t mean that we can’t have convenience. It means that it can’t control us. If you don’t think so. Then why are there laws against texting and driving? And soon there will be laws against talking on the phones and driving. The simple life God wants for us, is that we are free to choose His life. Free from the condemnation of this world. God’s life is free from guilt, anger, condemnation and confusion. We become free to go about our lives as God plan it. This life is there for anyone to choose. It is as simple as turning to God and asking for forgiveness. This is for everyone.
Crain Blanchard.

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