But by Prayer and Fasting.

Everyone wants the things of God. In this instant generation, they want it now. What God says, is that now is the time and today is the day of salvation. Time is the only thing that God guarantees now. Everything else is learned line upon line and precept upon precept. So, if God only guarantees now, you had better get busy. God gives everyone the measure of faith, when we are born again. It is to be used throughout our life. Jesus took 12 men + on a 3-year walking bible school. They didn’t have a hand-held bible to refer to. Jesus taught them through practical application. One of these applications was when a man brought his son to the disciples to cast out a demon. The disciples couldn’t. The man brought the son to Jesus. Jesus rebuked his disciples because of their lack of faith. Then He cast the demon out. The disciples later ask Jesus why they couldn’t. Jesus said this kind doesn’t leave except by prayer and fasting. You want to get next to God, it is only by prayer and fasting. Then you will see your prayers answered. Now is the time for everyone to get next to God with prayer and fasting.
Crain Blanchard.

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