The Making of a Leader.

Despite what people think, a leader is cultivated as they grow up. The first thing they learn is understanding. Seeing what is really true. Not clouded by opinions or dogma. Then understanding what needs to be done. Able to have a clear objective in mind. Then seeing how the objective can be done. This comes with experience. Being able to complete a task successfully. Then what you have is wisdom. Wisdom is understanding plus experience. As a person learns from childhood. They develop wisdom. This wisdom can be applied to the next task at hand. As a person moves forward in this process, people will see the person developing confidence in themselves. As people see this person has the confidence and experience, they will allow the person to do the task for them. As a person develops leadership skills, as understanding and confidence, they need to learn how to influence people. A true mark of a leader is that a person can influence people. Getting people to follow you is key in a successful leader. That skill come by understanding who you are, by being an example and leading with wisdom. The best leaders are the ones that people will want to follow. It all comes back to understanding, knowledge, confidence, wisdom and leading by example. Then you will be a competent leader. Line upon line, precept upon precept.
Crain Blanchard.

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