Fear, fright, horror, panic, dread, dismay, or distress, are some definitions of fear. Fear is a belief. It is just like faith, but the complete opposite. I have dealt with fear all my life. It is a devil and one to be cast out in Jesus name. I had a discussion with my son the other day, about the devil and his power. I should say the lack thereof. Lucifer, the arc angel, was God’s right hand man. Until he led a rebellion in heaven against God. Of which he didn’t win. Jesus told His disciples that He saw satan(Lucifer) and his followers fall from heaven as lightning. Unfortunately for us, he fell to earth. Lucifer doesn’t have any inherent power. God strip him of it. He has to get his power from us. It is by believing him, he attacks us. And if God allows the devil to attack us, God always makes a way of escape for us. God gave believers in Christ, dominion over this earth. This includes power over the devils in Jesus name. The power of belief is enormous. We as Christians can move mountains in Jesus name. But first we must believe that He is and a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him(God).
Crain Blanchard.

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