The reality of Christianity.

I grew up going to church. We never missed church. I even went to parochial school.  We were taught religion. It was about rules and regulations we had to follow. I always looked at God with a big stick. If I got out of line I was going to get hit. It was how I was treated at school by the teachers. It isn’t a fair assessment of God. I was always told that God-loved me. But the words never lined up to the people’s actions. So I went about my life not knowing about the reality of Christianity. Like most people in this world I thought I knew who God was. Only the super religious went to church. As we grew older we didn’t go to church. It was only if our moms insisted on it. I live my life trying to be good. But if push came to shove I would do whatever was necessary. It never really worked out. I always felt guilty about sinning against whoever. But I was just living my life the best way I knew how. I wasn’t different from other people. But I just didn’t know the truth about God. And I really didn’t want to find out. I’ll continue the story tomorrow. 

Crain Blanchard. 

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