The reality of Christianity#3.

I went to join a business but I was terrible at selling.  What I found was worth more than anything. It took 3 months of talking about God before they asked me to go to church with them. I said Yes. The next Sunday I went with them and their families to church. There were about 500 people in that church.  They were meeting in a warehouse/ store front building.  My friend introduced me to people. I have no idea who I talked to.  We found our seats and I watched the people. They all stood up to sing and so did I. I watched them sing. Then we sat down. The preacher began. I was still watching the people. Everyone was watching the preacher when he suddenly stopped. He face the congregation. It was absolutely quiet. Then he said hello. It was an expression that only I used. No one else use that expression. I turned and looked at the preacher. Then I heard a voice speak to me. It said what more do you want?  I didn’t recognize the voice then. But I would come to know that still small voice Intimately. My friend asked if I wanted to go up to the front and pray with the pastor. I said yes. I’ll continue the story tomorrow. 

Crain Blanchard. 

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