The reality of Christianity#7.

All my life I search for someone who love me for me. When I found that person, God, I didn’t want to share my love with anyone else. The love that God has for me is intimate. It took a long time before I would share anything about my relationship with God. I would share the gospel but not talk about the love I have for God. It wasn’t until recently 5 years ago that God wanted me to share my personal relationship with Him.   My blog is about my relationship. It is personal. My life with God is written in every blog. I was reading in the book of Samuel when he was a child in the temple. When God spoke to Samuel told him that his words would not fall to the ground. They would accomplish whatever he said. Then God turned to me and said this gift, I give to you. If I wasn’t tight lipped enough, this close my mouth. My wife had to pull words out of me. I would pray for people and see the answers. I am still amazed at how it works. I’ll continue the story tomorrow.  

Crain Blanchard. 

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