What do you believe?#2.

In Mark ch.2, Jesus had begun healing. People heard and began to seek Him. As they heard stories and saw the healed, it gave them hope. As they came closer to Him, they saw and believed Jesus could meet their need. Jesus healed many. The next day, Jesus and the disciples, came across Matthew, a publican. Jesus called him to follow. Matthew had all of them to come and eat at his home. He called all his friends to come and listen to Jesus. The pharisees were appalled by this. Jesus said, I’ve come to call sinners to repentance. What would you do? Jesus and the disciples walked through a cornfield on the sabbath. They pulled ears of corn and ate. Again the pharisees, argued with Jesus. He taught them and said that the sabbath was made for man. What would you believe? Would you follow your religion or Jesus? We are in this world, but not part of it.

Crain Blanchard.



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