A Stranger in this world.

Everyone has felt like a stranger, even amongst friends and family. It’s an odd feeling. You want to fit in. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t. People go to great lengths to fit in. Sometimes they lose themselves in process. It’s not always a good thing. If it’s the wrong road, it will destroy you. I wanted to fit in as much as the next guy. But when I found where I belonged, this world became the strange place. Because it wasn’t home anymore. My home is not of this world. When I became one of God’s sons, my home became heaven. Now, I am just walking through to reach the other side, home. You see, I was the Prodigal son. Now I am on my way home. This is where I belong. If you want to know where you belong, all you have to do is ask God. You see, heaven is our home. It’s where we all belong.

Crain Blanchard.



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